Why Free eBooks are Well Worth the Read

March 6th, 2014 | Posted by admin in Blog

Never in my life would I think to write a book and then give it away for free. That would be insane and a waste of valuable time.

That’s what I used to think.

I published a book back in December of 2013 with the idea that I just wanted people to read it, enjoy it, and then want to read more of my works. However, I’m not a well known author, so I made my book free so people didn’t have to “gamble” on me. They could download my book without the possibility that they wasted money on an unknown.

And, right off the bat, my book soared to the top of my science fiction category in the free section on Amazon. Thousands of people were downloading it, reading it, and, according to the reviews I’ve received in my email and in my book’s review section on Amazon, a majority of them liked it.

And, to think, FREE was an idea I previously looked down upon.

I have a passion for writing stories and, because so, I wanted to get my book into as many hands as I could — to the TRUE experts — YOU, the reader.

A year before I ever thought about writing a free book, I downloaded a free book on my kindle with the idea that since it was free, the author must be mediocre, the story must be terrible, and I would most likely be yawning throughout the book. My judgmental thoughts were wrong, not by a mile, but by a thousand miles. I found myself completely enthralled in the book. I simply could not put it down. In fact, I was staying up later than I usual did, just to see what the next page had in store. The book was called Wool and it was the first installment of a larger book. I then bought the rest of the installments of WOOL thereafter. And, I’m now the author’s biggest fan. You should look him up — Hugh Howey.

Since then, I’ve downloaded several free books from other authors. These writers weren’t well known at the time and most still aren’t. They didn’t have NY Times Best Sellers under their names, and they weren’t in any book stores. They were, however, more talented than some of the big names, which even some of the big names agree with.

And, I took a gamble on them. I hadn’t heard the author’s name from Adam. All I saw was $0.00 next to their book. I didn’t see any risk downloading a FREE book, so I clicked “buy” and, in most cases, was very happy with my free download.  like I said, I didn’t know these authors were talented until they offered me — the reader — a chance at their work at the amazing price of $0.00.

Two incredibly talented authors and their free books come to mind. India Drummond’s Blood Faerie, and Monique Martin’s Out of Time. I’ve since purchased the rest of their books in those series and loved every bit of them. I’m now hoping that more of the series will come out soon, so I can get my grubby eyes on them. 

So, if you don’t know what I’m saying by now, then I’ll spell it out for you. The majority of free ebooks are excellent, well-written, and full of the author’s heart and soul.

I’m also saying it would be wise to give such authors your valuable time and pleasure, because a well-written, hard working book and author deserve YOU.

Many author’s are like me. They have three children, a full time job, a loving partner, and animals to take care of. Once the kids are sleeping, and the animals aren’t needing my attention anymore, and after I’ve spent quality time with my partner, I then get to writing, sometimes only getting 3 hours of sleep. So, once a book is finally written and complete, the book gets edited, then proof read, the cover art is created, and after all of that, the book is published. For me and my editor, we put all of our heart, body, and mind into it. We are rewarded when we see that someone has downloaded it, liked it, and has written a 5 star review. This is why we write, whether it be for free or not. We do it for the love of it.

And, so, here I am with a free book that I placed on Amazon just before Christmas — December of 2013. It’s called, “Star Guild: Episodes 1 & 2“. It’s been edited, proof read by my proof reading community, re-edited, re-proof read, and edited again, over and over, just to make sure that it is as perfect as can be.

So, please, go check it out and if you like what you see, then grab a copy. It’s free. Star Guild: Episodes 1 & 2.

My second installment to that series is up as well, and though it isn’t free, it’s .99 cents of passion, hard work, and fun. Star Guild: Episodes 3 & 4

I hope you enjoy them.

- Brandon

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  • Joan says:

    Hello Brandon.
    I agree with you. Just because a book is free, it doesn’t mean it’s bad quality. I read some great free books. I didn’t have any book published (yet! I’m working on it) and I totally agree with you; the reward it’s not always the money: it’s the satisfied reader, the 5-stars review, the pleasure someone has by reading something we wrote with all our heart and soul. Great post :)

  • admin says:

    Hi Joana,

    Yes, I agree with you on all of that, as well. The best thing we can do is get our work out there, cross our fingers, and hope people love it. And, sometimes it must come in form of a free to get your name out there.



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